Campus: Northville

Northville Offices

Staff Offices

Staff offices. Lots of offices, some cubicles, a nice conference room. A coffee machine and a few kitchenettes. A couple of copiers and lots of computers. You’ve seen one office [...]
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Nv Preschool 1

WardKids Preschool Wing

Did you know that Ward Church is home to one of the premier preschools in the area? Each year parents race to get their child signed up for the upcoming [...]
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Nv Elementary 1

WardKids Elementary Wing

This space is one of the most important spaces for creating healthy families and leading generations to live and love like Jesus. WardKids Elementary takes an entire wing with many [...]
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Northville Chapel

Chapel + Chapel Suites

The Chapel is sandwiched between large classrooms called the Chapel Suites. You can find these rooms in the back of the church, and it might even feel a little out [...]
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Northville Special Needs

Special Needs Suite

The Special Needs Suite is what makes Ward Church special and not because it’s in the name! Ward Church has nearly 10 programs for our friends who have special needs [...]
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Northville Playscape


The Ward Playscape. It’s a prominent feature in the main hallway and a magnet for kids everywhere. And it’s also been a phenomenal, terrific, incredible outreach tool. How so?   The [...]
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Renu Media Center

ReNu Coffee & Media Center

ReNu Coffee and Media Center. You could say it’s at the crossroads of Ward Church, in the main hallway, right next to Entry 1. You can’t miss it.   And it’s [...]
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Northville Students

WardStudents Room

If you were walking around the building, you might miss the WardStudents Room! From the outside it doesn’t seem very exciting, but this room comes alive when the students are [...]
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Northville Conference Center

Conference Center Rooms

Overlooking parking lots 6 and 7 you will find our Conference Center and our rooms for break out meetings and classes. They’re kind of hidden away. We call this the [...]
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Northville Kitchen


While many people use the kitchen throughout the year, nobody uses it more than the Livonia Transitional Students. Maybe you have met some of these students if you are here [...]
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