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Staff offices. Lots of offices, some cubicles, a nice conference room. A coffee machine and a few kitchenettes. A couple of copiers and lots of computers. You’ve seen one office you’ve seen them all, right?  

But without offices to work out of, none of the other ministries would exist let alone thrive. Sermons need planned. Youth retreats need outlined. Budgets for maintenance and snow removal need prepared… all the “business” of the church happens back here.  

During the week our choir practices in this area too as they prepare for Sunday’s services, and during the Sunday services, our security team has offices in this space that allow them to keep us safe.  

But even more happens here! Our Care Pastors each provide counseling for up to 20 people every month out of these offices. They offer free support for addictions, mental health, marriage support and more for people of all ages. It’s good to remember this the next time you walk by and start to think, “Oh, those are just the offices.” They’re much more. 

Prayer Prompt

Lord, we PRAISE you for who you are: You provide shepherds to care for your people. Lord, we THANK you for the pastors and other staff who serve here. Lord, we humbly ASK you to equip our pastors with your love and wisdom as they shepherd us and provide care for those of us with relationship issues, addictions, mental health issues, and more. Enable other staff to support our pastors lovingly and effectively. In Jesus' precious name, Amen.


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  1. Jamie

    Thankful for Pastor Wayne and all that he does

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