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If you were walking around the building, you might miss the WardStudents Room! From the outside it doesn’t seem very exciting, but this room comes alive when the students are in here worshiping and connecting together throughout the week.  

Students in middle and high school fill this room each Wednesday during the school year and on Sundays. On Wednesday nights they worship with songs, messages, prayer and fellowship. They invite their friends who don’t have a chance to attend Ward on Sundays, which is a great way to show extra-mile hospitality even when you are a student!   

Sometimes students are hearing about the love of Jesus and God’s grace for the first time in this room. Many of our students have made a commitment to Christ in this very room. A safe, comfortable, and welcoming space is very important as we lead younger generations to live and love like Jesus.  

With nearly 100 students on Wednesday and even more on Sundays, it’s a good thing Knox Hall is close by for them to expand as their group is outgrowing this space.

Prayer Prompt

Lord, we praise you for this room of excitement as our next generation of young students gather in this active, energetic and safe place to bring their friends for recreation, celebrations, and Bible studies. It is a place where they can become enveloped with Your love for them as shown to them by their friends, the study of Your Word and by the adults who minister Your love through their own love for You and their love for your young people.


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  1. Jenni

    This space is great for our young adults to enjoy worship! We love getting to gather and grow together.

    • Elizabeth F

      Indeed! I’m a certified young adult who can confirm. Thank you WardStudents for allowing us (relatively) older folks in the Young Adults ministry to use your cool space for worship and gathering.

  2. Rick

    Ward Students is the best! Mark and Katie are amazing leaders ❤️

  3. Chris Ockerman

    Loved the Christmas decorating during the Christmas Festival

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