Special Needs Suite

About this space

The Special Needs Suite is what makes Ward Church special and not because it’s in the name! Ward Church has nearly 10 programs for our friends who have special needs and their families. Many of the programs take place in this suite. On Sundays there are special classes for our friends that allow them a safe space to learn about Jesus while their families also grow in their faith in our Sanctuary and other classrooms. These rooms allow families to grow in their faith together.  

Not many churches offer such great programs for our Special Needs friends. In fact, one parent just shared she was afraid that our church would not accept her daughter who has special needs but instead she found a church that goes out of their way to make them feel welcomed. We want all people to feel the same love no matter how God made them.   

This space allows for this love to be shared with over 60 students on Sundays, a small group Bible study on Mondays, and almost 40 people on Tuesdays between a prayer group and Capernaum. We continue to dream about how we can continue to grow this ministry but none of this is possible without this building to host our special friends throughout the week.

Prayer Prompt

Dear Lord. Thank You for this unique space where Your unique group of children are cared for and a space which gives their parents some respite. It is Your design give us those with special needs. Your desire is for us to love them and for them to know You in whatever way You manifest Yourself to them. May we all see that this brings the “children” to Your feet and into Your arms. Thank You for the workers in this valuable ministry.


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  1. Elizabeth F

    Personal favorite!– both the disability ministry as a whole and this specific space which is a blessing to our Hand in Hand Sunday school class for kids/young adults. Always thankful to be welcomed into this community of students, families, and teachers/leaders within the greater Ward community.

  2. Peter

    I’m so glad that we have this for our families at Ward. It means so much to me that we go the extra mile to include everyone

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