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While many people use the kitchen throughout the year, nobody uses it more than the Livonia Transitional Students. Maybe you have met some of these students if you are here during the week; they are usually cleaning the building or helping the students at the preschool, but they especially enjoy baking treats to sell at ReNu Coffee.   

They are here learning important skills to help them be successful at future jobs and at home. Each year we have new students join the program and without our building they would not have such a great place to learn… and we might not have such yummy treats at ReNu. This group relies on our building for their learning, and we are so blessed to be able to have the facilities that meet their needs.  

The kitchen is also used for funeral luncheons and other church events. Even some local chefs use our kitchen as they launch their restaurant or catering businesses. It’s connected to Knox Hall so that we can easily get in and out of our biggest event space when both the kitchen and the gym are used.   

Prayer Prompt

Dear Lord, we are so thankful for the good gifts you provide. Some of those gifts come through the Kitchen at Ward Church, with the smell of good food and teaching for Livonia transitional students, who learn life and career skills through their kitchen experience. Luncheons that follow funerals offer support and care for those who grieve. We ask your blessing on this room and all who serve.


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  1. Elizabeth F

    So thankful for the funeral luncheon in Knox Hall after my dad’s funeral!

  2. Jenni

    We LOVE our LTP students! They make the best treats for ReNu After Dark for our Young Adults

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