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ReNu Coffee and Media Center. You could say it’s at the crossroads of Ward Church, in the main hallway, right next to Entry 1. You can’t miss it.  

And it’s not just a great place look for a book on theology or to grab a cup of coffee, though it is. Don’t just take my word for it; our Google reviews are all 5 stars. It’s in essence the Welcome Mat for Ward, warm and inviting and open to anyone.  

One visitor told us, “I was surprised that the cafe was inside a church. It was Sunday morning, and I was wearing a crazy patterned shirt so I thought it might not be a good idea to go inside, for a moment… But, to get a good coffee! I gave it a try. And now I am drinking great coffee here in a church…I will definitely come back.”  

Stories like this remind me what St Francis of Assisi once said, “Preach the gospel at all times and if necessary, use words.”  

ReNu is also a popular hangout for students to study, for work-from-home employees to plug in and get some work done away from home, and for young adults to meet after hours for game nights.  

The Media Center has over 7,500 books – of which nearly 800 are for children, teens and young adults. And the Childrens Corner allows a place for children to explore Christian books as well. You can visit the media center on Sundays after church and in the morning on Tuesday and Wednesdays. It’s free to check out the books and other materials you will find there.

Prayer Prompt

Oh Jesus, we know that if you came to visit Ward in person the first place You would go is to ReNu Coffee, because it would be the place people hang out. May it be a place of friendliness, of laughter, of spiritual conversations, of community, and even of some restful solitude while tucked away at a back table. May this “atmosphere” spread out into the hallway around it. May people be drawn to it.


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  1. Elizabeth F

    Love having Young Adults evenings here, hanging out and playing board games. (Especially when I manage to win at Bananagrams.)

  2. Jenni

    Always love a good cup of coffee before worship!

  3. Chris Ockerman

    Have hosted many guests at ReNu Coffee

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