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The Ward Playscape. It’s a prominent feature in the main hallway and a magnet for kids everywhere. And it’s also been a phenomenal, terrific, incredible outreach tool. How so?  

The Playscape and adjoining party room are available to be reserved for birthday parties. So far this year, it’s been booked 193 times. That means nearly 200 parties of ten or twenty kids are visiting us, many for the first time, each year! And they don’t come alone, they bring their parents too. Also, many who’ve never been inside Ward before and some who don’t normally attend church anywhere. It might be their first positive experience with a Christian community. The Playscape is also an integral part of our quarterly Parent’s Night Outs. Four times a year Ward Families host an evening for special needs children while the parents enjoy a date night.  

The Playscape is open 32 hours during the week and is a popular destination for parents and their preschoolers. Hey kids, how many hours could you spend in the playscape each week?

Prayer Prompt

Oh Jesus, our Jesus who was loving and playful with children. Thank you for this huge space and the children and parents it draws. Please keep the children safe. Tend to the parents and caregivers who gather there. May they encourage each other, make friendships, and have spiritual conversations.


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  1. Jen

    The playscape is my favorite part of the building!

  2. Katie

    We love using the playscape for our birthday parties!!!

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