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About this space

The Chapel is sandwiched between large classrooms called the Chapel Suites. You can find these rooms in the back of the church, and it might even feel a little out of the way when you are visiting on a Sunday morning. But an awful lot goes on back here in this little corner of the building. The Chapel has been used at times for worship services, and it regularly hosts weddings, concerts, recitals and memorial services.  

In addition, our outreach includes welcoming two churches – The Word of God Tigrigna and the Evangelical Ethiopian Church – to hold their services here later on Sunday afternoons. Just one of these churches has over 40 kids who attend-that is more than the number of adults!  

The Chapel and Suites are also used for ministries ranging from MOPS and weekly exercise classes to our Special Needs Ministry’s Potters Wheel and Capernaum classes.  

And, during the week, the mellifluous tones of music lessons as well as recitals can be heard coming from back here. The Chapel Suites are also where the Connection Desserts, Ward DNA and Membership Classes, and Northville Chorale take place.  Even driver training classes are held here. …just the classroom part of driver training in case anyone was wondering.

Prayer Prompt

Lord, we PRAISE you for who you are: Holy, Sovereign, our Rock and Redeemer. Lord, we THANK you for the lives that are touched in these rooms during worship, weddings, training events, and many other activities, including community events like drivers’ training. Lord, we humbly ASK you to bless the activities in these rooms and use them to mature believers and draw seekers to Yourself. In Jesus’ precious name, Amen.


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  1. Elizabeth F

    Thankful to have had my dad’s funeral in this lovely space.

  2. Lisa

    The chapel space is where my kids have their music lessons. We appreciate the scholarship Ward provides

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