WardKids Elementary Wing

About this space

This space is one of the most important spaces for creating healthy families and leading generations to live and love like Jesus. WardKids Elementary takes an entire wing with many classrooms of varying sizes. This wing is where all K through 5th grade classes take place. And on Sunday mornings it’s a rockin’ place to be sure.  

This wing includes two large classrooms with a stage and video support. This allows the large Sunday classes to include worship music, Bible lessons and then small group breakouts for discussion. But it’s not used just for Ward kids and not just on Sunday mornings.  

Ward’s Shine Summer Day Camp operates out of this wing all summer. Over 100 kids come to the weekly summer camp. In fact, there’s usually a waiting list it’s become so popular. And it has proven to be one of the best outreaches for drawing families into Ward.  

The Michigan Chinese School meets here as well, for two hours on Saturdays, 32 weeks a year. In fact, they held their amazing Lunar New year Celebration here back in January. 

Prayer Prompt

Lord, we PRAISE you for you who are: You love everyone and don't want any to perish. Lord, we THANK you for the elementary students, summer day-campers, Chinese School Students, grief support groups and others who use these rooms. Lord, we humbly ASK you to bless the lives of everyone who comes here, whether for church or community activities. Mature believers and give non-believers the desire to find you. In Jesus’ precious name, Amen.


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  1. Chris Ockerman

    The kids from Livonia Transition Program have been a blessing in so many ways to the building and the staff.

  2. JS

    My kids went there and had a great time!

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