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Overlooking parking lots 6 and 7 you will find our Conference Center and our rooms for break out meetings and classes. They’re kind of hidden away. We call this the A Wing, it’s behind Knox Hall. If you’ve been around Ward for a while, you may recall that at one time this was the Youth Room, and before that, classroom A-105.  

Today it serves a variety of purposes. During Sunday services, the rooms have a variety of uses such as a sensory room where families can worship with less light and sound making it more comfortable for some who attend our church. It’s also used for monthly Session meetings, small group Bible studies, and Tuesday Women group studies.  

It’s used a lot during the week too. In fact, this year alone it has been used over 600 times for events – on average, that’s over a dozen times each week. And a lot of that use has been by groups outside of Ward; another way we reach our neighboring communities with extra-mile hospitality.

Prayer Prompt

Lord, we want to thank you for the many uses of his room which is such a blessing to so many. We praise you for the over 600 meetings that are held here each year from Session meetings, Bible study groups, celebrations, community outreach gatherings and hospitality to the Northville School District.


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    Love my Sunday school class

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