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This is the broadcast room. Have you ever watched a Thanksgiving parade or football game on TV? At some point the announcers always cut to “the truck” – the behind-the-scenes location where the producers and staff are managing the broadcast.   

That’s basically what our broadcast room is. It’s the behind-the-scenes place where Ward’s message gets broadcast to the outside world. And we mean, the world! Our Sunday services are broadcast to viewers in 46 states AND 27 countries! In a typical week, we reach about 1,400 people with this invaluable ministry. Some are folks who may be just down the hall, working in the Nursing Room, or at ReNu Coffee or at the Farmington Hills campus.   

Others watching may be homebound for various reasons; while others have moved away for jobs or retirement and want to stay connected.  Some are on vacation for a week or two and don’t want to miss worshipping with us. Some are missionaries in far-off countries who rely on this connection to their home church to help them stay grounded.   

And others – they’ve never set foot in Ward. Never even been to Michigan. But they found us on the internet and “visit” us ever Sunday, as they’ve discovered this is a place where the Gospel is shared clearly and lovingly.  

Our broadcast ministry has been a part of Ward Church since 1958. It started with radio broadcasts and continues today online streaming services. 

Prayer Prompt

Heavenly Father, we praise you for supplying space and means to provide a radio broadcast of Ward Church worship services for 65 years and now providing streaming services. Your Word has gone out to countless people, and we pray it will continue to bring the Good News of Jesus to many others.


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  1. Mike

    I feel like I live in this room every Sunday. Without access to this room, I feel like my whole church experience would be vastly different.

  2. Katie

    Glad to see the broadcast ministry move from radio to online

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