Farmington Hills

Community Garden & Yards

About this space

Imagine it is the warm summer again. The sun is out, the birds are chirping and just outside this door you will find a community garden full of vegetables, fruits, and blooming flowers. Right now, it is dormant but, in the Summer, it is a space where dozens come together to work on their harvest.   

It is a space where people can gather with those in the community who have similar interests. It is a space where people can be in nature who might not have the opportunities at their homes; maybe they live in an apartment, do not have the resources to make a garden bed or would rather garden with others in the community.   

Our great property is often shared with our neighbors when we host Tunes, Trucks and Treats, church camp outs and picnics and even outdoor worship.   

Not all the neighbors we share our property with are people! You can find deer, rabbits and even sandhill cranes appreciating our yards any given day. We are dreaming of what is next for this plot of land—is it a playground, pickleball courts, volleyball court, gaga ball? We know God has a plan and we cannot wait to see it revealed.

Prayer Prompt

Dear Lord, we know you are with us wherever we go, even outside. We pray for this campus to be known for kindness, audacious generosity, and community service. We pray for guidance as we explore future possible uses for the land such as outdoor recreation equipment, current community gardens, and gathering spaces to draw people to this place and see God at work here. In Jesus name, Amen.


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