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The Auditorium at Farmington Hills is where we meet for worship on Sunday mornings. The sermons are streamed live from Northville and the rest of the service is live. As you might imagine, our space is a little smaller than that of Northville’s. But our hearts are just as big, and our mission is the same; “Leading generations to live and love like Jesus. “   

We open our building to the neighboring community every chance we get. For example, this auditorium is used as a Farmington Hills voting precinct every election day. This room is used for Send International, Church-wide events, like game nights, and more, and every week, it is used for Young Life.   

We love that our campus here in Farmington Hills allows us to show extra-mile hospitality to our community. We know that we are just getting started! We continue to build upon this building into being a local expression of Ward to lead generations to live and love like Jesus.

Prayer Prompt

Lord God Almighty, thank you for the new work you are beginning here at Ward Church Farmington Hills. Thank you for allowing us to come alongside you in this work for your kingdom. We ask for your guidance, providence, and grace in the new work you are doing here in Farmington Hills. Allow us to be your hands and feet as we minister to the needs of the community and congregation here. As I walk around this campus, may I remember that each area has been set aside for worship, gathering, activities, meetings, education, and disciple making. May all who worship, participate, lead, coordinate, attend, and volunteer be guided by your Holy Spirit, and serve with humbleness and a desire to honor and praise you in all that they do. In Jesus’ precious powerful name, AMEN.


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